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Frontend Developer

  • Lokatie: Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant

For one of our clients we are looking for a Frontend developer

Start date ASAP
End date 31-Dec-2018
Work hours per week 40
Work location: Eindhoven

Assignment: helping shape the toolkit team and make our design kit tangible in Design Language System.

• Javascript
• Angular 4
• Clean Code
• Sympathy for design – nice to have
• Knowledgable about sketch – nice to have

Connecting everything
• The topics below are on different places and are not connected.

What we need help with….

JSON tooling
• Theme selection
• Choose JSON version
• Connection of theme selection towards JSON tooling à after theme selection download for my technology the design token files
• Flatter JSON token files generation ( currently sDLS theming is hard to implement without a toolkit, software documentation needs to be provided. Same software to parse the JSON is written by everyone needs to be centralized.)

• Update UI to new insights (new design proposals already available)
• Landing page with explanation on how to use sDLS Tokens (JSON files are not always interpreted correctly)
• Performance (loading is too slow)
• Deprecation mechanism (for better way of making braking changes)

Sketch Plugin development (we can do it internal, but support would be nice)
• Sketch to à Ness (also needs to work with the sDLS token system collaboration is needed)
• Theme selection for whole document with more theme selection possibilities (navigation/content/dialog?) à already in progress
• Creation of states based on json (speed up design process)
• Update text layers for Centrale sans font update (vertical correction) à might be crusial to make if we want to get people on board of the font update.
• Update colors to a version (already possible but needs maintenance)

• Update of icopedia site for sdls icons (based on icon font tooling)
• Way to request icons via a website
• Icon font generation tooling for businesses
o As inspiration

If interested, please send an email (with CV) to .